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Dispatch Software Improvements-

Posted 2 years ago


July 28, 2020

Subject: Rider Dispatch Software Improvements

Dear Transportation Stakeholder,

I want to take this opportunity to catch you up on some exciting changes that will be happening this summer. Benzie Bus has selected a new software system, called Ecolane. The system will allow for real-time vehicle tracking, a rider app, and computer-aided dispatching and scheduling. We are very excited about this change and look forward to the opportunities the new software will open up for our community. With that being said, anyone that has gone through a big change like this will understand when I say that we are hoping for the best but preparing for some possible hiccups along the way.

The new software has a dynamic scheduling system that will act as a virtual scheduler and shift transportation trips in live time throughout each day. Of course, nothing can replace a human who knows which road is under construction, so our dispatchers will continue to oversee scheduling and dispatching to ensure the same level of service. At first these changes may cause a rider to be picked up earlier or later than they have become accustomed to. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. Transportation staff will be spending a longer time on the phone verifying the trip destination address, appointment time and length, home address and phone number. The visual changes of the new system may cause the dispatcher to be a little slower. This change may translate to a longer hold time for someone waiting to speak to a staff member. The next person on hold will be transferred to the next available staff member.

We will be “going live” with the new software the week of August 10th. I want to thank you ahead of time for your support and patience during this transition. I am hoping that through this communication you will have a better understanding of our changes and will appreciate that we are working nonstop to master the new system and provide the best possible transportation service.



Jessica Carland

Mobility Manager, Benzie Bus




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