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Board Adopted Policy

Effective Date: 2/19/15
Board Approval Date: 2/19/15
Review Cycle: 3 years
Review Date: 2/21/2018

  1. Application: Authority Wide
  2. Intent: To clearly communicate a consistent advertising policy Procedure: Statement of Purpose
  3. Advertiser must not display on a vehicle or bus shelter an advertisement that:
    1. Discriminates for any reason.
    2. Contains strong or obscene language.
    3. Promotes or opposes tobacco, nicotine, alcohol products, or controlled substances with the exception of festivals and establishments that serve these products.
    4. Promotes or opposes “adult entertainment” and/or pornographic materials.
    5. Portrays public transportation in a negative manner.
    6. Political and ballot questions.
    7. Religious or atheistic ideas or organizations.
    8. Contravenes any applicable law.
    9. Items not suitable for viewing by children.
    10. Promotes or opposes any form of family planning or abortion.
  4. Advertising Terms
    1. The preferred bus route chosen for advertising or shelter will be provided if available. BTA reserves the right to assign advertising to another bus route or shelter as it deems necessary.
    2. BTA reserves the right to reject any artwork of copy, pictorial or otherwise, for any reason as determined by BTA and may terminate this contract at any time by submitting a written notice of termination to the Advertiser.
    3. Advertisement will not cover the Benzie Bus brand or logo.
    4. Bus wrap advertisements are not reusable once removed. Shelter advertisements are reusable and may be picked up by the advertiser if a request is put in writing 30 days before the scheduled removal.
    5. Billing for monthly charges will be made in advance and will be due on the first day each month. Depending on the installation date, billings may be prorated for a partial month. A 5% delinquency charge per month will be assessed for late payments and default will occur upon (45) days after payment due date.
    6. Advertiser and agency, if applicable, jointly and severally, agree to indemnify and hold harmless BTA, its officers and employees from and against any and all loss, claims, liability, demands, expenses and costs (including attorney’s fees) arising out of any advertising pursuant to this contract.
  5. Fees
    • Design should be completed by advertiser however; Pro Image sign company does offer advertising support at a cost of $275/hr.
    • Installation costs must be paid upfront and are typically $500-$750 for each bus side and $250 for the rear.
    • Monthly advertising fee is $100 per month based on a 6-month minimum. Second year and beyond for the same ad fee is reduced to $75 per month until the ad is considered “unacceptable” by mutual consent.


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